Sorry: Pain Is Allowed To Be Here

Sorry: Pain Is Allowed To Be Here

Monday, April 24, 2017




  1. You Exist
    15 Sep, 2017
    You Exist
    You Exist. Before time, Before space. You Exist - That is the only reality What if the universe never began. No big bang No evolution. No roles No stories No belonging to anyone other than All. We are Here, we are Now Not here in space, Not now in time But Here from which space is perceived,. Now from which time is believed in. I Am is One I Am is prior to universe I Am is prior to space and time We are I Am There is a book entitled "The Disappearance of the Universe" How does that which
  2. The Heart Is Wide Enough
    24 May, 2017
    The Heart Is Wide Enough
    I was trying to run from my pain. I couldn’t face it. The cycle of fear, self hatred, heartbreak, despair, it continued no matter how hard I tried to escape. The more I ran, the greater the monster that was chasing me, and he was always so near. I tried fighting it off with positive thinking, pop psychology, and spirituality, only to have it grow. The more I tried to deny the illusion the more real it became. The more I tried to proclaim the positive the more the opposite grew larger. I tried
  3. Is There a "Me" That Will Die?
    02 May, 2017
    Is There a "Me" That Will Die?
    So is there? Is there a "me" or an "I" that will pass away? Where is it? Can you find it? Can you find the me that will die? This is a serious question if you believe in death. Don't get me wrong there is a death. There is a death of an experience, but who is the one that is experiencing? I am not asking you to think about this but to actually look, with awareness. You witness death every moment, because every moment an experience dies and a new one is born. Does the you that witnesses
  4. Being Aware of what blocks the vision of Love
    30 Apr, 2017
    Being Aware of what blocks the vision of Love
    All you need to do is expose the false beliefs that block your vision of Love. Love is always Here even though we have shut our eyes to It's Reality. Being aware of the lie that has denied the truth that we and everyone and everything is totally swallowed up in Love. Everything we are aware of is made up of the substance of Love...We are That Love What do you believe? Is love limited? Is love dangerous? Is love meaningless? Is love just away to condone anything someone wants to do? Is love
  5. A Message of a Cross
    24 Apr, 2017
    A Message of a Cross
    One came with a message of love, peace and grace. We were offended, he was too radical. He went against all societal norms, rules, boundaries and taboos. So we nail him to a tree, for going against our way of life. As we look at him in his last moments here, hanging on the cross, he lifts his head. His eyes pierce us with mercy. In this moment we know. There is a new Kingdom established. A kingdom of pure unconditional Love. In humanity’s worst act is seen a beautiful new Reality. Fear and
  6. Here You Will Find Rest
    23 Apr, 2017
    Here You Will Find Rest
    Rest, weary travelor, rest. You have been beaten up by the journey. We all have. I invite you to a place where there are no restrictions. to a place where all are welcome. No matter who or what you are, there is a home for you Here. Are you seeking for a home? Are you seeking for a place to rest your head? All this time I have been waiting for you to just rest. But how can you? You don't even realize you're home. But I am your home. And I am Here, the place where you find yourself, the place